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About Metier pharmacy

mé·tierˈ (met-ah-yay): an occupation or activity that is one's true calling.

​"As a second generation pharmacist growing up in the business my entire life and spending the last 17 years in the industry,  I wanted something that would showcase what pharmacy truly is and what it can be.  


"I believe I solve a problem of breaking out pharmacy into a healthcare destination. I want Métier to be a destination where patients can come for healthcare services such as vital signs, diabetes monitoring, medication therapy management, and CLIA waived testing. A place where they can feel free to ask questions in a comfortable environment. This kind of care can't be found in a retail chain drug store. "


Dr. Randle House

Before opening Métier Pharmacy, Dr. Randle House led a successful career in the pharmacy industry. Randle has owned a successful healthcare consulting company, was the Vice President of Operations for Avella, Regional Director for BioScrip, Regional Vice President and Director of Acquisitions for Rite Aid, and held various leadership positions at Eckerd Drug. As a second-generation pharmacist, Randle created Metier Pharmacy to provide a beneficial service to help patients with unique needs.


As a pharmacist with extensive background in retail and specialty pharmacy, founder J. Randle House brings his vast expertise to the pharmacist’s table in care of his patients. Randle’s specific areas of expertise include diabetes, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatology, and HIV.


We also specialize in Hormone Replacement Therapies, veterinary medications, and a variety of other custom prepared solutions. Our professionals are specially trained to prepare these customized medications with the most advanced compounding techniques available today. Under Randle’s guidance, Métier is equipped to handle various situations and medical conditions.


Métier encourages leadership, communication, teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement. We strive to earn our patients’ and medical providers’ trust by holding ourselves to a higher standard. We work to welcome all customers and answer any questions about the apothecary products and services we offer.


Métier Pharmacy Company is committed to:

  • Ensuring excellent quality of care.

  • Reducing overall healthcare costs.

  • Returning the patient to his or her rightful place as a member of the healthcare team.

We do this by providing comprehensive, high-quality pharmacy services for optimized medical outcomes and by exceeding our customers’ and medical providers’ expectations.

Randle House
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