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Métier Pharmacy Co. Honors Founder’s Father and the Days of the “Hometown Pharmacy”

PHOENIX, AZ (May 1, 2016): Long before national pharmacy retail chains and bulk mail-order prescriptions, quality patient care and trust was the hallmark of the hometown pharmacy. With the founding of Métier Pharmacy Company, Pharmacist J. Randle House, Pharm.D, aims to combine the best of modern medicine with the charm and individualized patient attention of days long past. 

Métier Pharmacy opens for business on June 1, 2016.

“Métier Pharmacy solves a problem that currently exists in the business,” said House, whose expertise includes diabetes, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatology and HIV. “The pharmacy should be a one-stop healthcare destination – a place where patients can come to have blood work done, blood pressure and medication therapy management. Métier Pharmacy is a place people can feel free to come in, ask questions in a comfortable, inclusive environment and be empowered to participate in their healthcare. This is not the kind of care traditionally received in a national retail chain.” 

A nod to his father’s pharmacy in his hometown of Houston, MS, House designed Métier Pharmacy to be the premier healthcare destination of choice for patients seeking customized care tailored to their precise needs. Visitors will experience the old-world feel of a vintage pharmacy – including photos and vintage pharmacy instruments on display - while receiving access to the latest medicines, dosing techniques, information and resources. 

Métier Pharmacy will also carry unique, over the counter products for the body sourced from makers across the world.

“As I began to formulate the vision (of Métier), I wanted something that stuck out and would showcase what pharmacy is and what it can be,” said House.

Metier Pharmacy is located at 4214 E. Indian School Road in the heart of the Arcadia business district. Its official grand opening is June 1, 2016. For more information about Metier Pharmacy Company or to request an interview with Randle House or a pre-opening tour, contact Monique Whitney, Felice Whitney Marketing & Creative, at (602) 359-0626.  

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